Tips for Baby Dental Care

Baby Dental care
Baby Dental care

1) Dental Care Starts Before Teeth Arrive: From the moment your baby is born, you should be concerned with their dental hygiene.

Babies aren’t born with teeth (except in rare cases) but taking care of their gums is important. Gently massage their gums with an infant toothbrush (I’ve heard great things about the banana training toothbrush) or a soft washcloth. It’s important to brush the gums before teeth even come in.

2) When Teeth Come In: When teeth appear, brush twice daily with an infant toothbrush and training toothpaste (which doesn’t have fluoride –  toothpaste is a great option.)

Start flossing when two teeth touch each other. Even if your child resists, make sure you get those teeth cleaned as good as possible, especially before bedtime. Jack really loves to use children's floss picks.

After your infant takes a bottle, gently wash off their teeth with a wet cloth, so the milk doesn’t stick to their teeth more. For older children, encourage them to drink water every time they eat something, which helps cleanse the teeth as well.

Tips for Baby Dental Care

3) Visiting the Dentist: As I mentioned earlier, try to visit the dentist by the age of one. Some people think this is a silly recommendation, but I wish we had.

If he had gone in earlier, we could have been alerted to the fact that his teeth were more susceptible to cavities, and perhaps avoid having to put him under anesthesia and go through the process of putting fillings in.

4)When to Start Using Fluoride Toothpaste : Fluoride is an interesting thing. It has a lot of benefits, but you can definitely use it too much.

With toothpaste, when you spit it out, you don’t get a lot of the fluoride going into your body, but when a child or baby who can’t spit out the toothpaste yet, you don’t know how much they are getting. So as a general rule of thumb, don’t use toothpaste with fluoride until they can spit it into the sink. Instead, use a children’s toothpaste.

If your area doesn’t have fluoride naturally in the water, then be sure to get some fluoride drops from your doctor or county health building.

5) Foods that are good for teeth: Cheese, sweet potatoes, oranges cranberries, apples, water

6) Foods that are bad for teeth: Sweets and sugar, juice, white foods (white bread, rice, potatoes, white pasta, crackers (can be as bad as candy for the teeth), fruit snacks, and raisins.

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