Heading off to college for the very first time or revisiting after many years, the emotion remains the same and why not it should be, after all, you have spent or will spend three to four precious years of your life in that college campus.

When you are preparing for 12th class board exams, you also prepare for your dream college with many thoughts in your head that how amazing life will be as there won’t be any more restrictions, you will have so much to explore, and of course the engineering subjects that you always wanted to master. If you ask your seniors what college life is like for them I can assure you that 99 % of them will be of the opinion that it is about friends and memories built with them. But as every coin has its two sides in the same way, the other side of college life is about boring lectures, sophisticated teachers, semesters, backlog, placement, and what's next.

Let’s explore this ‘what next’ because I believe that you know more than I know about everything else.


It takes eight semesters and four years to become an engineer and during this period the one thought that remains constant is what to do next and what are the career options after engineering in computer science, mechanical, civil, and other branches. Many students believe in pursuing further studies while many hunt for their dream job and in a way both paths have their benefits.

The student needs to find his or her calling and decide whether to search for a job or pursue a master's in the field and branch that they love the most. It needs to be an individual decision because for some people one way may work while for some the other one. A student deciding to pursue a master's needs to be very sure that he/she wants to study more and the same applies to the student who is willing to do a job. The student going for a job opportunity needs to have enough knowledge and understanding of the subject so that he/she can get a job and survive there.


If we talk about the benefits of pursuing a master's, it enhances the knowledge of the students as the student gets to know the details of the concepts and learns more advanced concepts. The advanced knowledge may help students in discovering new possibilities and existing challenges which may give rise to an entrepreneurial mind. On the other hand, when an individual gets an opportunity to work with the people on the projects that they always wanted to do, it is an all different experience and cannot be compared. The job provides real-time exposure to the operations and work that needs to be done.

The newly graduated student who wants to do a job finds it very hard as there is very less opportunity for the fresher and this is the reason for a lot of internet searches on how to get a job as a fresher. To help all such friends out there we got some tips.

Firstly, make an appropriate resume with a cover letter that matches the job role that you are looking for.

Secondly, look for the company career page, social media platform and attend the job fair.

Thirdly, look for the reference and referral letters and give walk-in interviews. In the end, patience is the key so keep following the steps and repeat the process; you will surely get success.


After a long discussion, it can be concluded that both the options are good to pursue and it now depends on a particular student whether they want to take the experience of the corporate world or they want to enrich their subject knowledge and learn advanced concepts. It is always tough to make decisions but if decisions are made by giving thought and understanding oneself it will always result in fruitfulness.  

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